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Welcome To Bikezac

Gulmann & Lund, the company behind Bikezac, is focused on making simple everyday innovations to make the life of our customers just a little bit easier. Our goal is to give freedom and time to enjoy what is important in life.

Gulmann & Lund’s first projekt is the shopping bag for cyclists better known as Bikezac. This patented product was launched in March 2014 and is being sold all over Europe

Who Is Bikezac

To give customers an easier every day life. Our solutions must give people the freedom and time to enjoy the important things in their life.
We believe there is a need for more simple products. And we will challenge the status quo by having focus on the simple and our customer’s needs.
Bikezac is simple. It is smart and innovative just like magic. We strive to make the perfect product that our costumers love and we want to make it accessible to everybody”.