About us

The first small steps of Bikezac started on a warm summer day in Copenhagen, Denmark – The bicycle capital of the world. By observing passing cyclists we found that plenty of cyclists had goods with them on the bicycle – most of them very poorly placed. The innovative process of solving this problem then started and ended up being Bikezac. A foldable environmental shopping bag made to be used again and again.

Bikezac makes it much safer to transport goods on the bike. Bikezac hangs stable on the side of the luggage rack instead of dangling on the handlebars up front.

Thereby Bikezac makes it easier and more attractive to do the shopping of groceries using the bike. Bikezac will save you both time and trouble, instead of having to drag your bike home with bags on the handlebars you can instead safely jump on the bike, even with filled and heavily packed bags. 

Bikezac helps you to comply with a need for a more environmentally and climate-friendly approach. It signals that you want to help the environment by reducing the use plastic bags and thus create less CO2 emissions, less waste on the streets, and to use the bicycle as much as possible for shopping.



”We believe there is a need for more simple products. And we will challenge the status quo by having focus on the simple and our customer’s needs.”