The story of the Bikezac 2016-10-31T09:43:09+00:00

Designed To Be Simple

Bikezac is designed to make life Easy, Safe and Eco-friendly for its users. Bikezac is easy to mount, safe to use and eco-friendly because of the reduced CO2 emissions from its users.

The first small steps of Bikezac started on a warm summer day in Copenhagen, Denmark – The bicycle capital of the world. By observing passing cyclists we found that 95% of all cyclists had goods with them on the bicycle – most of them very poorly placed. And how could this be, since both pannier bags and shopping bags were already invented and well-known. The innovative process of solving this problem then started and ended up being Bikezac. A reasonably priced foldable shopping bag made to be used again and again and increase the safety on the bike lanes

The above mentioned solution was the Bikezac. A solution that can easily be mounted on the bag of the bicycle, on the luggage rack, as far back and as low as possible, to increase the safety and improve the handling of the bicycle. Furthermore Bikezac can easily be folded so it fits into you normal backpack or computer back so you only need to use it when you actually have a need.

Bikezac have an international patent pending status.