Bikezac the shopping bag for cyclists.

Bikezac makes it much safer to transport goods on the bike. Bikezac hangs very stable on the side of the luggage rack on the back of the bike.

Bikezac makes it easier and more attractive for instance to make purchases of groceries using the bike. You will save the time and hassle of pulling the bike home with the bags on the handlebars, and instead safely jump on the bike, also with heavily loaded bags.
Bikezac saves the user money as it is of an considerably higher quality than conventional plastic bags and thus more durable. You can reuse the Bikezac bag many times.
You can carry significantly heavier items such as milk, wine, water, canned goods, etc. This is because Bikezac shopping bag is of a high quality and is located on the back of the bike.

Bikezac helps the user to live out the need to behave in an environmentally and climate –friendly way. It signals that you want to help the environment by saving on plastic bags and thus create less CO2 emissions and less waste on the streets.


Bikezac users have

Reduced the waste of plastic bags with
Saved this much kg CO2
Transported  so many Kg groceries


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How to use a Bikezac